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Natural Living Coaching

Guidance on de-toxing and simplifying your life & world.

You choose - as many one-to-one sessions as you want or can afford  at 22.00 per session. No travel, no hidden costs.

Find positive & constructive ways to change your life for the better in your work, with your family, your friends, your food, your water, your environment, your garden, your lifestyle, your beliefs, your hopes and fears. Natural living is cheaper, wiser, friendlier, so why not give it a try?

         Other services I offer can all be put one way or another under the general heading of              'Problem Solving.'

In my 30 plus years of professional experience I have helped a large number of people with a variety of problems, acquiring, mastering and utilising many different methods and techniques along the way.  The problems I've helped with have been quite diverse and wide ranging, many being totally unique, and it's consequently sometimes difficult to categorise them, but in an attempt to describe something of what I do, I've loosely defined them into three areas here-

1. Life & Soul Coaching

We can all come to a point where things go pear shaped, where very little makes sense, where we feel out of alignment or simply unable to identify the problem that faces us in order to make the necessary changes. There are times when we need answers to our questions. Life & Soul Coaching provides tangible and real ways to deal with life's problems; ways to help to free oneself of old patterns, of negative memories and behaviours, of self-destructive attitudes, of a life that makes us unhappy or simply learning how to release stress and sadness, or to update on all levels. I use various intuitive, perceptual, and divinatory methods such as dowsing, which coupled with my experience produce consultations of unusual accuracy and power. I work "soul to soul" with my clients, at a deep level to find real and profound solutions to their problems, frustrations or confusions.


2. Healing

  Since I was a young child I  have been drawn to the healing arts. I have a diploma in Vibrational Medicine, a diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, am a Reiki Master, and a Spiritual and Shamanic Practitioner who has earned the appropriate permissions to heal and teach from my own spiritual teachers. My personal spiritual and healing path has led me through the following traditions - Sati (the Way of Mindfulness), Zen, Vipassana, Shikan-taza, Dzogchen, Native American Shamanism and Wicca.  I specialise in emotional, soul and spiritual issues, and in finding one's purpose and truth -  without religion, rules or regulations, simply by learning how to be human, how to be free and happy and true to oneself.

I mostly help people with:

  soul awakening, obstacles, spiritual or emotional issues, stress.

3. Psychic Investigations

I have investigated many strange phenomena over the years, and have amassed not only a great deal of experience, but also a deep understanding of the nature of such things. We have in our culture such concepts as Hauntings, Curses and Psychic Attack. Sometimes these terms provide a reasonable description of what is happening, and at other times they can be too broad a brush. The universe in which we live has dimensions which are for the most part unseen; hidden mechanisms operating behind the scenes. Everyone has at one time or another experienced something that neither they nor the conventional world can explain. Sometimes  it can be appropriate and necessary to do something about it. I use a variety of investigative methods to identify the true nature of a problem, and a wider variety of methods to reach the most appropriate solution. I work with total spiritual and psychic integrity, and always ensure what I do is both responsible and safe - on all levels -  for all beings involved.


Charges and fees

For a telephone or online Healing, Life Guidance or Psychic consultation -

Waged - 1 hour - 35.00. 1/2 hour 22.00. Unwaged - some form of negotiated exchange and 10.00

Apprentices - 60 per month for the traditional weekly contact plan or 20 per month for the budget once a month contact plan. Please email if the budget plan would be difficult for you as a free place is also available.

If you require me to travel for a meeting or visit with you, then I ask for travel expenses.  I attempt to keep my fees low in order to be available to the lesser incomes.

Please mail me here if you would like to book a consultation or session

Payments can be made by credit or debit card online or by cheque or postal order by post.


Donations and any form of sponsorship are gratefully welcomed in order to offset those I help for low fees or for free. 

Please email me here if you would like to make a donation or become a sponsor and thank you.


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