Life & Soul Coaching

"Highly recommended."    "I gained so much."     "Down to Earth yet Powerful."    "Sally's work reminds us of much we have forgotten."


Life & Soul Coaching is a fully confidential online consultation facility - so wherever you are in the world - it can be available to you. It is affordable, practical, reliable, reasonable, simple and effective.

Utilising over 30 years experience, Sally M's wisdom and deeply accurate perceptual abilities can usually find the root cause of a problem or issue within a very short time. The rest, as they say, is up to you. Once a solution is identified, it is then up to the client to work with any specifically tailored exercises, routines, practices, or behaviours that will help to clear the problem or change the reality. There are many many people from all around the world who have benefitted from this service.


Whether your issue is great or small, tiresome or seemingly insoluble, it can be helped with Life & Soul Coaching.

Each Coaching session can be for either 30 minutes or 1 hour using a facility called Skype, where internet calls are free, so all you pay for is the consultation fee (22 for 30 minutes or 35 for 1 hour). The time booked is agreed between us before we begin, so you are fully in charge of how much you spend.

I invoice clients through Paypal, so you can pay securely online. You may have a Paypal account already in which case you simply pay through that, but you don't need one to pay for this service. You will, however, need a credit card.

This service is fully confidential, and because of communicating on Skype, you also have a written record of your coaching session so that you can check back to it whenever you wish. During your session you will be sent any literature that would prove helpful to you, so you have an immediate contact with solutions. There is also a free follow-up service facility that is used where required, whereby if certain things need to be sent to you after your session is completed - you will be emailed such things as supportive literature, handouts, or helpful information completely free of charge.

Perhaps you are reading this because now is the time for those parts of your life that cause you grief to be loved back to peace.

Give Life & Soul Coaching a try. You may be surprised, perhaps even amazed, at how simple the truth of you actually is!

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