Personal testimonials from students of the Hedgewitchcraft & Natural Magic Course.


But first a few words from Sally Morningstar.....

This is a distance learning programme, so wherever you are in the world you can sign up for the Scheme. This way is not a religion, anyone can be a hedgewitch whether a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Hindu for example or even of no faith whatsoever.

Below, you will find words written by apprentices about their experiences of the Scheme. Their words express their own particular learnings and study programme and so things that they mention may not appeal to you, or feel appropriate to your needs.

Each apprenticeship is totally unique - tailored to each student's requirements. Some may not feel drawn to deities, or to altars or to working with magical tools. Others may desire to connect more closely to wild creatures, or to herbs and trees or perhaps to the creating and making of healing balms or magical oils. Whatever your soul's requirement is - be it your relationship with nature, your magic, soul or spirit, be it hedgewitchcraft or simply learning new skills, or finding yourself - that is what we would work on together.

It does not have to be anything that is not suited to who you truly are or wish to be.

There is one thread that weaves its way through all apprentices' studies, however, and that is Mother Nature. Through her we discover the wonders of Creation, the teacher within, the magical spirit, our own gifts and skills, as human nature and wild nature entwine to connect each of us with our true and Divine self.  So, read on and I hope to hear from you should you feel the calling in your heart.

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Thank you with a whole and happy heart for this apprenticeship. With a warm hug and a big smile and many thanks for sharing this most beautiful and exciting journey with me.                                                                                               Kate, UK



I have chosen to continue into a second year as one of Sally’s hedgewitch apprentices, I can only describe my first year as an utterly amazing journey, full of self-discovery and magic. Sally's wisdom, patience and intuition always gently led me onwards to a profoundly deeper understanding of life. I have been re-introduced to the wisdom that I once most certainly possessed and have been guided to remembering those things that over time had been forgotten. I am most definitely ‘coming home’.
I look forward so much to Sally’s wise words and the laughter we share each week and I can’t wait to experience what the coming year has in store for me ……"                                                                                         Gillian  -  UK


If you are wondering about embarking on this path (and it is a path that will lead you through experiences unique to you and to your life) - then I would say definitely do it.  My life and my perception of it will be different to yours - but that is, in many ways, the point of being a hedge witch. As a child I was always in woods, up trees, making dens under bushes and willow trees - creating and affirming - chanting and willing - living 'in the moment'. At some point, however, I began to feel as though that was wrong and I needed to fit in better.

 As I grew, I began to mould myself into something that I felt was expected of me -  I moved to London and became part of the media circus, working all hours in grey offices and then getting steely trains home.   
I spent my evenings collapsed indoors, recovering from the drain of each day. I just couldn’t keep going; I had reached burn out. I 'lost' everything... house, partner, job - but in doing so - I actually found everything!  I found Sally too!  

We talked about life the universe and everything (quite literally) and month by month I began to grow. With her help and reassurance - I revisited that wild little child and realized she was far wiser and in-tune with who I really am, than the persona I had created to try to fit in.  

Sally has helped me find myself again.  She has enabled me to get back in touch with a world I have always truly loved, that had been there - waiting patiently for me to reclaim.                                                                Tracey - Cheshire



Being on this journey with Sally has enabled me to let out the true me, my vision and knowledge has broadened through the thought provoking guidance and handouts given by Sally. My connection with nature has deepened and this has had an effect on all areas of my life. For a year I had deliberated about contacting Sally for her apprenticeship course and I'm glad I finally did because as I have learnt, trusting your own inner guidance is one of the best skills you can learn. Thank you x

Like many other students before me I had tried various different healing techniques as I began my spiritual path but I always felt that something was missing. I have always felt a connection to nature so I trawled the Internet looking for courses that would combine my love of nature and help me on my spiritual path.It did not matter what I typed into the search engine none of the courses that popped up resonated with me so after months of searching I gave up looking.

Obviously the time was not right for me but a few months later after reading a very short paragraph about the hedge witch I felt my interest grow again so I searched the Internet, once again typing in hedge witch. This time Sally’s name appeared at the topof the list.The rush of excitement went through me as I read every word on the website and I knew this was what I had been searching for.    

I have been studying with Sally for a few months now and I have loved every single minute. Not only has Sally reignited my interest in nature, she has also fuelled the flames into areas I have never explored and opened my eyes again to the beauty and wonders of the natural world. Although I am only at the beginning, the journey into my Soul’s development has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience so far and Sally has helped me address issues I would never have had the courage to deal with, especially as I am someone who keeps things bottled up!I am reaping the benefits of the positive changes she has brought into my life on a daily basis. I look forward to our weekly chats listening to the warmth, love and wisdom that Sally imparts and her infectious bubbly laugh. Sally you are a kind, wonderful, amazing lady and a very gifted teacher. Thank you so much for guiding me on my spiritual journey and sharing your wisdom with me. I am looking forward to travelling the path as an apprentice hedge witch further - with you by myside. I love you!                                                                             Sharon - UK                                                                                                                                                                                


"This is IT. This is the real deal. It's incredible."                 JB. - Ireland


As I end the early months of my Hedge Witch apprenticeship with Sally Morningstar I have already felt  positive changes in all aspects of my life! From our weekly chats and lessons Sally lights a path of love and kindness. The time, talent and effort she puts into her apprenticeship program clearly shows her dedication to myself and the world around us. Sally shares her wealth of wisdoms easily and in practical ways. She is a gifted teacher, a kind, gracious lady and I feel so lucky to have her walk beside me as I journey down the path as a Hedge Witch Apprentice. Thanks Sally for all you do and I look forward to our coming adventures together!

Love and Light, Mary - Charlemont, U.S.A.


From the time I was a small child, I felt that I was different. I always seemed to be searching for something, that was just out of reach. My mother said that I was "Fey" as I saw things that weren't there.  Eighteen months ago, following a chance meeting with a crystal healer, I was given Sally's email address, as someone to contact, to set me on the path I felt I needed to follow.

May 6th 2009 was the first time I spoke to Sally and from that moment on, I've never looked back. I could not have wished for a more sympathetic, gentle but firm, knowledgeable, tutor. I have been shown things I never knew existed and my life has been completely changed.

I am as devoted to the Craft, as I am to her. Thank you and Goddess bless you Sally, you have made me VERY happy.



I am two months into Sally's apprenticship and what a journey it has already been!

I, like many others, have searched, explored and exhausted many tried and tested paths of healing and during those many years of time, money, effort and equipment was constantly trying to sort out what it meant to be me. During that time I really didn't feel that I got even close to finding and being on my own path, which is something I desparately wanted.

So after just finishing a two year shamanic course and coming away feeling and wanting more and still feeling that I was not on my path, I pondered on what course of action I should take. I felt it was something to do with going out in nature and working with plants to make teas, herbal remedies etc. and then a friend of mine just happened to mention Sally's name in passing and for some reason I was looking at her website and at the apprenticship scheme and I was hooked by looking at the testimonials that everyone had written.

However, I left it and left it and it was nagging at me so much that I eventually sent her an email basically saying what I wanted and she sent an email back saying that she could help me. Well this will be interesting I thought to myself and I have to be honest, I think I had some doubt as to whether she could actually help me.

My first half an hour of talking to her on the phone blasted all doubt away! She discussed things with me that no one else  has even picked up on before and I have to say after I put the phone down to her I was shaking all over. It was a huge relief that finally someone understood what I am about. Thank Goddess! As I have said I am only two months into the apprenticship and already I am getting results that I wasn't even expecting, such huge and profound things have happened and yes there have been alot of tears, but there have been such great joys and amazing things taking place, not only on deep levels, but on the physical level as well.

Sally is an amazing and giving person/teacher/guide. She is compassionate and authentic and when you speak with her you just know and feel the depth of her expericence and wisdom.                                 

I love her already. For those looking at this page, please know that this is the work and journey of the Soul, I can honestly say that for me I know that already this is the greatest gift that I could give myself, and those wishing to explore the path of their own Soul will not be disappointed.                           

Sally thank you, thank you, thank you, you're amazing. Love ya lots and lots                                              Katrina UK


They say the real learning only starts once you have left school and I have found it to be true.  Out of all the books I read and courses I looked at, Sally’s was the one that called out to me.  I had to wait to start the course but even that was part of the learning – “Patience my child, patience” Merlin said to me.  Being an apprentice under Sally’s wings was the most amazing magical journey of self discovery and empowerment, something that has transformed me in many ways. 

At the end of it I had learnt many things and I had got my certificate – now it was time to be a witch!!  But fitting in everything I had learnt into my everyday life wasn’t easy.  As in training, some things slotted into place easily and others seemed so difficult to manage in the time I had and I felt guilty – how could I be a proper witch if I wasn’t doing everything I had been taught?

But the Goddess is kind, knowing we each have our strengths and weaknesses, and knowledge is never forgotten, perhaps just misplaced for a while.  My learning has been to accept and embrace what works for me in my life at this moment in time, be it seeking new knowledge, focusing on spellwork or doing nothing and having a rest for a while.  My learning is being able to use my strengths and knowledge to help myself and others. 

My real learning is a journey of wisdom and it is as much of a journey as being an apprentice, even more so - I never stop learning and I hope to never stop learning wisdom.  And even though I am now “fully fledged” as Sally says, it’s nice to come back to the nest once and a while to learn some new skills and show off my flying!  I can not thank you enough Sally for all you have taught me – may I one day be as wise as you.                                                                               Many blessings J.G.


I would like to thank you for walking the journey with me.  A journey I knew would be exciting right from the very start.  You are an ocean of knowledge and a very kind and empathic lady, who has a lovely infectious giggle that I will miss.  I have walked an exciting and beautiful path with you Sally.  I have learned so much about nature and healing.  You have taught me very important life skills, which have helped me enormously when having problems within my family.

You are a very special person ,who I feel, has been a friend  and teacher over these past months. I highly recommend the hedge witch course.  It has been a wonderful experience working with you. Thank you                           

C.C. upon completion of her studies



"I was taking sleeping pills for 20 years, but since studying with Sally, I have not taken or needed any at all - not only was it simple - it was easy!"                                                                                                                                             A.L. Wales


You really express a Wisdom rooted in Love. Thank you very much for this opportunity of learning from you :) I know someday this will have to end :(( but I'll never forget the wise things you taught me and the kindness and sensibility through which you see the world :) I admire you!


Thank you for the magic you brought into my life. You are a true Morning Star :)              Joana - Portugal



Dear Sally, The lessons that you send me are powerful. I don´t have enough words to say to you lots of "thank you". Your mentoring is great I am learning more with you than I learned in the past. Thank you for your guidance.                                                                                                                                    Raul - Mexico


I find myself walking this ancient, mystical, silver path guided by a beautiful shining soul.  Her teachings and wisdom are so natural, fluid and caring, and resonate to the very depth of my own soul - gently
urging it to find it's own unique calling.

Carole - UK


                 Beautiful Sally, may you long continue to bring your love wisdom and teachings to future apprentices.                       Heather - UK


From the moment I came across her website, and read both Sally’s own writing and the testimonials, I was drawn to the natural and relaxed wisdom that it refers to. Sally has a clear, deep and professional understanding, not only of the spiritual, but also of the way that the mind works and how to work with it. She knows that it is for each of us to find our own path, skills and wisdom, and although always willing to offer suggestions, has walked respectfully alongside my own self-exploration and empowerment, shining a light to help me discover and understand myself more fully. She is compassionate, challenging, relaxed, open minded, and has a warm sense of humour. She is also just whatever you need at the time that you speak with her! I couldn’t begin to list what I have gained, but it is profound and exactly what I needed. If you are looking for a course that is tailor made to you, led by a natural teacher with an encyclopaedic knowledge and wisdom, then you have found your destination!
Thank you Sally.                                                                                                                                             
Sally - UK




Forgotten Language

Once I spoke the language of the flowers,

Once I understood each word the caterpillar said,

Once I smiled in secret at the gossip of the starlings,

And shared a conversation with the housefly in my bed.

Once I heard and answered all the questions of the crickets,

 And joined the crying of each falling dying flake of snow,

Once I spoke the language of the flowers…..How did it go?How did it go?

 Shel Silverstein

Where the Sidewalk Ends

This has always been one of my favourite poems, and I remember as a child thinking how sad it was and wondering why this special language had been forgotten. Of course I never realized that - as I was growing up - I was also in the process of forgetting this beautiful language.

I have been an apprentice for well over a year now and I want to thank Sally with all my heart for the gifts she has helped me develop, for the wisdom she has shared and for her understanding and love. I especially want to thank Sally for reminding me of my connection to nature. For helping me to see and understand how my actions (no matter how small) affect others and how, as a result I CAN make a positive difference in this World. Thank you Sally for bringing the language of the flowers back into my life!

Working with Sally is pure joy! This is simply the most rewarding and incredible journey I have been on. With Sally’s love, guidance, support and wisdom she has helped me find my way home – back to my true self. It hasn’t always been easy as there have been challenges to face, but knowing Sally is by my side has given me the strength to face these challenges and become a stronger more grounded person. I find that now, when I am faced with difficulties my attitude to them is very different.

 I feel more aware, more confident and when I take action (if it’s necessary) I feel it comes from a more balanced, more carefully considered place.

The apprenticeship has also given me the opportunity to explore and continue to develop my magical practice. Crystals, Essences and Herbs are only a few examples of what I have been able to explore. Each one has been thoughtfully chosen by Sally to help me on my life path. To work with Sally in this way is ….. something I find extremely difficult to describe. I have wanted to write a testimonial for a long time now – but it has been difficult for me to put into words just how special the apprenticeship is and what it means to me. The work I have been doing with Sally has made an enormous difference to my life. I can’t recommend it highly enough! Since I have started this journey I have ‘woken up’ and I realize that I am becoming more and more my true self every day. This is the most precious gift.

 All my love to you Sally.

                                                                           -------------------------------------                                           Meagan, Kent

What Sally has shown me is more than I could ever have imagined or hoped for. It has been a journey of discovery that has deepened my understanding of self, spirit and love, life and the universe. This magical journey has been a profoundly beautiful experience and quite unique to me, in a way that’s hard to describe. But there are places I’ve visited and lovely people I’ve met that I will never forget as a result.
A few months ago, Sally and I had a chat about making a difference. Making a difference to improve the environment, to give something back, to help when we saw a need. On visiting the vet, an advert caught my eye about helping out at the local Animal Shelter. Spirit suggested I telephone; maybe I could be of help. And that is what I have been doing for the past four months and love every moment of it. Mainly cats and dogs are cared for and Sally has helped me so much with the healing aspects of the work. Many of the cats are abandoned strays or have been in road accidents and to know that I can help to heal them is just magic and such a privilege.  On a more practical level, during this most magical year, I have grown herbs and made essential oils from them. Found a wonderful Tree Spirit in my garden. Created my own rituals and blessings. Made corn dollies and decorative wreaths, learnt to “talk” to animals and at present am learning to read Tarot. Oh… and so very much more! And all this magic, because of one mystical, amazing, loving, wise Lady…Sally.

Whenever I have a question, she tries to answer. When I need reassurance, she is beside me. Encouragement and love she gives constantly. Sally has been with me step by step throughout my “Year of Magical Thinking”.

Sally has taught me the most extraordinary thing we can experience is the mysterious. Of course someone else will experience quite a different journey to the journey I have had. That’s magic too.

I think this bit of prose; entitled “Starlight” says it all:

All men have stars…but they are not the same thing for different people. For some who are travellers, the stars are their guides. For others they are no more than pretty lights in the sky to wish upon. For astrologers, the stars predict future events. For those who are scholars of astronomy…they are planets and galaxies mathematically defined bodies in the heavens.
But all these stars are silent. You – and you alone – will have the stars as no one else has them. You – and you alone – will have a magical journey as no one else has.                                                                                                        H.B. - UK


I’ve been studying with Sally since March of this year. As the apprenticeship lasts approximately 1 year, I’m, unfortunately, already into my last half year, yet it feels as if it only started last month! I’ve learned so much from Sally, things concerning magic and rituals, but I’ve also gained a lot of insight into myself. She has so much wisdom, I still cannot believe it is possible to learn so much in one lifetime!

Subjects can be about mythology, herbs, oils, (healing) energies, trees, gods and goddesses, minerals and crystals, animals and feathers (but that's a personal one of mine :) and so on. During our weekly contact I really feel we connect and I enjoy our contacts tremendously! Apart from serious conversation, there’s also the occasional giggle! At home our contact has been made into a verb: “Sallying”. Frequently my partner asks me something and when I don’t reply, his comment is “Oohh, you’re Sallying!” meaning he knows I’m not “on this planet” for a while!

About the apprenticeship as a whole; you help to define what it will be like, so you get out of it what you need. And even if you’re not sure what it is you need, Sally will help you, guide you. If you’re ready to grow, Sally is the way to go! (No, I am not  a shareholder of Sally’s, I simply love the woman!)                                               Angelina -Netherlands           


"Thank you for showing me how to be ME!
This is the ``HAPPIEST `` I have been in a long long time."

                                                                                                                                                                          Lottie, UK


Here I am already in the sixth month of studying the Craft with Sally. What a wonderful journey it has been so far! I have learnt so much in such a short time. Ever since I saw Sally on a television programme, many moons ago, I so wanted to meet her and study the way with her. Finally I got my wish and met her on one of her excellent courses. Was this the Fates working for me, or had this come to pass exactly as it was meant to be? I remember saying to her, “How do I become a Witch?” to which she replied, “You only have to ask!”

Well I asked and Sally kindly consented to guide and teach me. I was overjoyed at the prospect and couldn’t wait to get started. From the very beginning I knew this was going to be a life-changing experience. Sally makes me feel I am her one and only student, her chosen one. Yet I know she shares her wisdoms with many and I wouldn’t want it any other way. How does she manage to make me feel so special? I know from the many warm tributes written about her, we, her students, are the lucky ones. Sally has a big heart and makes us all feel special.

Her teaching is unique. Sally brings out the very best in her apprentices. She will share the journey with you but the path taken is your own individual choice because we all have different aspirations. Sally appreciates this only too well.

Along this path, Sally will stop every now and then to show you a magical place, a spiritual truth, a healing remedy, an ancient wisdom or a helping energy. Sally is the best guide you could ever wish for. Ultimately though, it is your journey, your path, your work and your magic which brings untold treasures. Sally has opened my Spirit to the wonder in which the universe is ordered and governed and I am amazed by the sense of the miraculous.

I just love Sally to pieces and to show how much I love her, I will end with this ancient Celtic Love Blessing dedicated to Sally.

 “You are the star of each night. You are the brightness of each morning. You are the kernel of my heart. You are the face of my sun. You are the harp of my music. You are the crown of my company. You are the wings of my Spirit.”

Bright Blessing dear Teacher, (and you are the icing on my cake!)                                                                    Moon Hare x



What I love about Sally's apprenticeship course is that it doesn't matter where you are in your spiritual development, from the complete novice to those like me who have been gathering knowledge and wisdom for some time, there is a starting place for everyone at any time.

Since starting this course I have gained a sense of purpose in my learning and a greater confidence in using what I have learned.  I have become empowered because you cannot gain knowledge such as this without also gaining respect for yourself, for others and for Mother Earth.  And with that respect comes a magnificent sense of awe and beauty both of yourself and of all around you.

To embrace this path is to live with beauty and magic everyday of your life - now what could be more fab that that?!!

----------------------------------                            Jacquie, Wiltshire  


The day had been beautifully warm and as dusk fell, the air was still and heavy with the smell of new mown grass. Walking with bare feet, I approached my altar. Breathing in the warm sweet air, I performed a little ritual dance, (as Sally taught us on her Healing course). This was indeed a magical evening, everything felt just right.
A year ago this week I would not have thought this possible. This will sound dramatic but is nevertheless true, I wanted to die. In fact I tried….

I am a recovering alcoholic. This was not the first time I had tried to “recover”; I have been an alcoholic for more than twenty years. My short-term aim this time around last year was to spend the weekend with Sally on her Wiccan Healing Course in Glastonbury. Meeting with Sally that weekend saved my life!

Sally has saved my life! With her loving guidance, I am being healed and have found something so special I never want to lose it.

My world is alive again, full of magical experiences, surprises, love and joy. Sally has shown me that out of destruction comes creation, out of despair comes hope and out of self-hatred comes love. Not to mention out of the ordinary comes the extraordinary! The most extraordinary of all is Sally. Gently guiding, non judgemental and always encouraging, I grow daily in the ways of the craft with her by my side. She has opened my eyes to the most wonderful possibilities.
 Through my elemental work I have found out I am not a grounded person. I was not prepared for the practicalities of wanting to change for the better. I never thought I could be someone other than my old alcoholic self. But that is all changing and my confidence gradually returning. Sally has taught me that when something feels right, it usually is right. During our weekly phone chats, I will tell her of something that has occurred, then I hear her infectious chuckle, “Yes, yes ”, she answers knowingly.
I thank the Gods for leading me to this wonderful lady who is sharing her wisdom with me and I thank Sally for allowing me to be here to write this! If love is sharing a part of ourselves with others, then Sally is love

                                                                                                                                                                   Heather, Surrey


Sally is an intuitive mentor and healer. She works over the telephone or by email on a weekly basis, energetically tuning in soul-to-soul, which enables her to identify the relevant issues and topics to be worked with during that session. She brings qualities of divine love, teachings of profound wisdom, life experience and a deep intuitive knowing to each session. She works with integrity and honour.

Each apprenticeship training is unique to the individual. During my own 13 months of study with Sally, we worked on healing issues from my past, my childhood and ancestral patterns, and my femininity and sexuality. I have worked to connect with the nature kingdom and the four elements, learnt magical techniques and meditations, rituals and blessings and working with the Goddess and God.

Sally has always held a sacred space in our work together where I felt safe, heard and reflected. She has given me an experience of being in right relationship with another person. Our journey together has brought me to a place where I have healed my issues from childhood, ancestral patterns and the past. I now feel strong and confident as an empowered adult woman and also as the matriarch for my family. I am living my life in the present moment with love and from my own inner authority and wisdom. It is so very hard to describe this place even when you get here. It is as Sally said “you just know when you have got it”

It is freedom. It is peace.                                                                                                                      Deborah, Birmingham -                                                                                 --------------------------------------------------------------------

Sally, I have been trying to sit down and write about what the apprenticeship means to me for a while now. I would like you to know what sort of impact it’s made on my life … however, words escape me. I’ve come to the conclusion that this path and my apprenticeship can not be described in words any more than things like ‘LOVE’ or ‘HAPPINESS’ can be described to someone who has never felt such breathtaking emotions. So I’m not going to try. What I’ll do instead is tell you how this course and path have benefitted me, my life, and even those I love.I am stronger, I feel like I’ve earned the strength, I faced the challenges and with your help, came through on the other side. I am grounded, I am balanced because I am rooted in the Earth with my head in the Sky. I feel unshakeable. The value of that alone is priceless. It makes me accept that anything can happen and I will be OK. I have learned surrender to balance my drive. I have learned I have a spirit of Fire somewhere inside and that I like it. I am a better mother because I understand the meaning of mother more. I am learning wisdom, not just from books but from LIVING my life AUTHENTICALLY.I am not all these things all the time. But the beautiful part is that everyday I am learning … not to be someone else or change my essence … but to be MORE ME as you say! It is amazing to learn that my soul knew how to do these things all along. You are a wonderful mentor and this experience is priceless to me and one of the most important undertakings in my life.                       

                                                                                                                                 Chrissy -Ireland

We have arrived”. The words spoken by Sally and I as this unique journey of apprenticeship came to its natural conclusion. How do you know when that ending is close? There are no obvious signs, but you both just know. I shall miss the weekly contact with Sally who has tuned in to my needs, offered her wisdom, gently guided and helped me to develop the knowledge, and gain the wisdom and courage to practice safely and ethically. There are no words that can encapsulate how special this apprenticeship with Sally has been, but it has been magical and a joy as all her teachings are based on the love of and respect for Mother Earth who nurtures us all.

 During my time, with Sally’s help, I have healed deep emotional wounds, learned of my Soul’s purpose and discovered new awareness of the magic that is all around us.  She has enabled me to develop Self, and with visualisation and contemplation, explored new worlds. Rituals have been learned and practised with confidence and love, and it was my great pleasure to be able to perform a Handfasting for my daughter. All possible because of Sally’s teaching. I have learned to work with the Elements, connect to the Sacred Nature all around us, found my Guardian Spirits and better understand my place in this great Universe.

 The absolute trust, which I placed in Sally, has never been called into question as she works with integrity and dignity. If a modular type of training is what you require, then this is not the path for you, but if you want gentle guidance in accordance with your own development, then Sally will guide you to your own unique, fantastic teaching and guidance.


I have very much enjoyed this journey of discovery and awareness and have been very privileged to have Sally Morningstar to facilitate it and walk with me. I give thanks to the Lady and the Lord for directing me to Sally. So now I am able to embrace my power and fly with the merlins! (and Sally, only you will understand what that means ! x ) My big wave on which I have been so gently carried for the last year or so has finally brought me home.


Thank you Sally, and long may you continue to share your wisdom and knowledge.  Leonore Newson - upon completing her studies .


Since starting my apprenticeship training with Sally, my healing and development process has quickened and deepened enabling me to reach parts of myself previously untouched by other practitioners. 

I now have a greater sense of self-empowerment and inner authority and a feeling of finding my rightful place in life for the first time.  Sally has taught me how to heal my ancestral family line, which has been a very important part of my soul's purpose.

My connection with nature and understanding of the elements is growing as well as a confidence and belief in myself.

Sally uses her strong intuitive wisdom, and wisdom of life, to bring me to a deeper understanding of myself and of life. She holds a very safe, supportive, nurturing space within which to explore all aspects of spirituality, life and magical work.     D.L.   


A higher force directed me to Sally to begin my apprenticeship with her and I am so glad that this happened. It may have been that now is the right time for me to embark on something that is so special. With Sally’s gentle guidance, she is helping me to develop my knowledge and awareness. 

 The weekly contact with Sally is special and I look forward to it. During that time, we reflect on what has happened over the previous week and Sally gives advice and some explanations to events. She very gently makes me focus on what is important and what the next step should be. Not everything happens overnight, but a gentle awareness develops.

 For me, I feel as if I am being carried along on a big, safe wave. I am not being dragged or pushed and there is nothing threatening to this feeling. It is a feeling of childhood excitement and joy. At the same time, I am beginning to get to know myself and like what I see.


It is fabulous to be developing an awareness of the magic that is all around us. Sally is such a wise and warm lady in whom I put my trust and know that this will not be abused. Her infectious laugh and wise wisdom make her a very special lady, and I feel very privileged that she has been able to help me. At last I have come home. Thank you so much, Sally and may you continue to share your wonderful knowledge with us.

Leonore Newson.



I began my apprenticeship with Sally just a couple of months before my life fell into crisis - I honestly dont know what I would have done without her. Sally encouraged me and stood beside me every step of the way.  She has taught me how to look deep within myself - even when the search is sometimes painful - and I have found that much is to be gained from such searching. Gradually, I am learning what it means to work with one's dark side and the importance of faith in Spirit when all other lights seem to have gone out. Just like Frodo in Lord of the Rings, I felt 'naked in the dark' but Sally was never far from me. I am still discovering what it means to maintain faith and build a spiritual practice which embraces the Divine Feminine  and all the bounty that She provides. I have gained wonderful insights into how spirit opens and blesses, when we strive to find this within ourselves and Sally has guided me constantly in doing this.

 Sally has given me analogies, visualisations and practices specially created for me through her wisdom and insight. I am learning to trust her judgement more and more as she continues to assist me in having faith in myself and my own abilities. I expected the apprenticeship to be something along the lines of rituals and written assignments, but Sally's tuition is very personal and creative. I am sure that no two apprentices will have exactly the same experience. My fondest love and blessings to Sally - I look forward to working with her for a long time. There are many teachers in this world, but very few spiritual guides.           Sian, Somerset


A Sprinkling of Testimonials for Sally Morningstar

Sally, thank you for all your advice. I am truly
grateful to have met you. You are a wonderful lady.
G.R. Sweden

Thanks Sally. You are a gem. Where would the world be
without people like you?
A.H. London. UK

The Hedgewitch training has been such a fabulous
experience. It has been a great pleasure and honour to
work with you.
BM - Somerset. UK

"Sally is a wise woman. I love her to pieces"
AB, Somerset, UK

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for planting a
valuable seed that has changed my life in so many
B.B. Eshowe, South Africa

"Your wisdom is a treasure from Mother Nature herself."

CH - Ireland

There is no-one in this world that I would rather have
to guide and teach me. (And yes, I do feel that
absolute about it!)
CK - Cornwall. UK

"When I was experiencing major health and emotional
problems due to psychic attack; you were so
understanding and commenced 'help' immediately. Within
a matter of days, I began to feel better, both
physically and emotionally. Thank you - it is much
appreciated. Your psychic skills solved the problem,
where other things had failed!"
S.R. Weston Super Mare. UK